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60 minutes $110

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Every massage is 60 minutes of hands on time. The drive, set up, and break down is on my time.

Kasey A.
I finally booked an appointment with Brian and I'm already booking my next one. He's very knowledgeable and my relaxation/recovery massage left me feeling like a sweet bowl of jello.
Carla L.
I have chronic shoulder issues from being a hairdresser. So I’m very picky of who I let massage me. I heard about Brian and I figured I would give him a chance. I was very impressed with his knowledge and education. I will definitely be a repeating client of his.
Rob Y.
Brian’s professionalism and knowledge are second to none. Before I got off his massage table my low back pain was gone and my walk home was like walking on air.
Robyn B.
I have been to see Brian a few times now and seeing dramatically more improvement in my hip pain than I expected in such a short time. He also immediately figured out the cause of a chronic, but irregular, pain I've had for years and between his treatments and the homework he's assigned, I'm feeling confident I will finally stop my 'fragile' back issues.
  • Brian Jillson, RMT, AA. Exercise Science (Hons), BSc. Kinesiology, CRI®

    Homeostasis is our body's way of finding balance while absorbing life's physical, chemical, and emotional stressors. Massage therapy plays an integral role in helping you find your balance. If you are seeking corrective or maintenance care, pain management, or simply want to relax and let go of stress - I can help.

    I'm a mindful nurturer who discovered my passion for health care over two decades ago. After graduating from Blue Cliff School of Massage Therapy in my home state of Louisiana in 2001, I began practicing clinical massage therapy and collaborating with physical therapists and chiropractors. In 2010, I completed my Associate of Arts degree in exercise science at Santa Barbara City College in California. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology at Westmont College of Liberal Arts, also in Santa Barbara, in 2012. While in college full time I worked outside the clinical setting at Massage Envy utilizing my years of experience and education. Upon graduating I moved to San Francisco and practiced in a chiropractic sports medicine clinic while also working in an east-west integrative medicine clinic. Currently, I am a registered member with Massage Therapist Association of Alberta.


Knowledge is Power to Heal

Does Massage Work?

BBC World Service & CrowdScience podcast, 35 minutes.

14 March 2022

Click here to link and listen to podcast.

Massage has been used for thousands of years to soothe our aches and pains and help us relax. Today there are a wide array of styles to choose from – Swedish massage, deep tissue, hot stone, sport, Thai, the list goes on. But which techniques are backed up by evidence?

CrowdScience listeners Catherine and Stacy are keen for us to untangle this knotty issue, so presenter Caroline Steel selflessly ventures from her desk to the massage table all in the name of science.

Is there such thing as a muscle 'knot' and can massage help to get rid of them? Does lactate build up in our muscles and need to be released? And why does rubbing sore muscles feel so good? We dig into the physiological and psychological aspects of what's happening in our bodies when we get a massage.

With scientists only beginning to study massage in recent decades, we put the research to the test with our many questions and even a bit of myth-busting. Can massage help us avoid injury or recover faster when we exercise? Does drinking water after a massage flush out toxins? Is self-massage or massage from a friend or family member just as good as that from a professional massage therapist? Can children benefit from massage?

Caroline talks to medical professionals and experts to find out what works when it comes to treating a stiff neck and tight muscles and unpacks the importance of touch in relieving the tensions of modern life.

Presented by Caroline Steel and produced by Sam Baker for BBC World Service.

● Cecillia Ljunggren, London School of Massage
● Mark Tarnopolsky, McMaster University
● Tiffany Field, Touch Research Institute, University of Miami Health System
● Wichai Eungpinichpong, Department of Physical Therapy, Khon Kaen University

[Image credit: Getty Images]


A little more about me...

In June 2022 I became a CRI® (Certified Bob Ross Instructor). I traveled and camped along the way to Muncie, Indiana, where I took landscape painting classes in the home where Bob filmed his 31 seasons of The Joy of Painting series for public television. Now it is a museum, gallery, and workshop space dedicated to Bob's legacy. I grew up watching Bob paint and spent hours in my room drawing and painting as a kid, so this was a milestone achievement. One of my current goals is to eventually offer landscape painting classes in addition to having my massage therapy practice.

Kyle and I recently adopted a red fawn French Bulldog named Boswell. Parenting this adorable fast growing toddler has bought even more love and laughter into our home. I also enjoy road bike cycling and camping throughout the summer and early fall with Kyle. We meet many interesting and friendly people while exploring Canada and the United States with our Gnome Home teardrop camper we've named Grizzly Adams. During my travels I see and receive constant reminders of the kindness and goodness in human beings everywhere.

This positive energy is what I seek to embody and share through my massage work. My restorative deep tissue massage uses Swedish and deep tissue techniques customized to your specific needs. My relaxation massage uses Swedish techniques with pressure ranging from soft to firm. Please feel free to contact anytime by phone or via email in the space below.

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FRI     9AM - 3PM
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Why is my first session longer and what happens if the assessment is done more quickly than expected?

I must perform a thorough assessment evaluating your needs and possible contraindications in order to provide you with a safe and effective massage therapy experience. This could take 5 to 15 minutes prior to starting hands on massage. I will call out the time before I begin your 60 minutes of hands on massage time. 

With which populations do you have experience performing massage therapy?

With a firm background in rehabilitation and clinical massage, I have worked on clients ranging in age from 18 to well into their late 90's, athletes, persons with disabilities or terminal illness, and other special populations. I've helped clients in recovery from MVA's, various surgical procedures and other types of body trauma. From a mental perspective, anxiety may increase pain perception, and I massage with intent to reduce anxiety and stress so you can relax. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. If I don't believe I can provide you with the appropriate care you are seeking, I may be able to point you in the direction to a specialist who can.

Does massage therapy have to be painful to work?

Check out the podcast I have posted in my Knowledge is Power to Heal section above. Healing results can be achieved with gentle to firm pressure. If at any time during your massage you experience pain you should tell your therapist immediately. While you may experience some discomfort with firmer pressure during a deep tissue massage, it shouldn't hurt to the point where you are holding your breath or bruising. It may take several massage sessions to work through layers of tension, adhesion, scar tissue or trigger points. I check in with you regularly for feedback regarding your response to my pressure changes. I use deep tissue specifically in the areas where it is beneficial while I blend Swedish relaxation in to maintain your comfort level. Massage therapy does not have to be painful to work.